About Policorner

Policorner is a mission-driven, non-partisan job site striving to make public service jobs and internship opportunities more accessible.

As a one-stop platform, Policorner brings together passionate job seekers and the industry's leading employers. Policorner utilizes user-provided professional, academic, and political preferences to match applicants with ideal job opportunities in public service. With the most up-to-date job posts from top political campaigns, government offices, non-profits, law firms, and more, Policorner helps job applicants—at all stages in their careers—pursue fulfilling careers in public service.

With thousands of active users and applicants, Policorner features one of the most comprehensive platforms of politically focused and public-service oriented job-seekers. By directing employer job listings to the right target audiences, Policorner helps employers find their ideal candidates at a fraction of the time and cost on other job sites.